For employers


For employers

We have already found many specialists for companies!

Our experience both in working abroad and in recruiting means that we have a large database of qualified specialists operating in the metallurgical industry and related sectors, from Poland and the Eastern Bloc countries. This makes us a great partner for Western companies that need support in finding the best employees in the industry. Simply tell us who you need, and we will find candidates with the relevant characteristics, carry out a professional selection and present you with only the most suitable experts from which you will be able to choose your future employees.

We cooperate with both foreign companies and employment agencies.

Currently, we have partners in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway.

How to start cooperation?


Contact us. If you are interested in cooperation, please write to us via the contact form or simply give us a call. In response, we will send you a proposal of preliminary conditions.


We will establish the conditions of cooperation. We are very flexible, therefore the recruitment process or the way of settlement is established individually with each company.


Tell us about your company. What sort of work do you do? Where are you based? What is the employment structure like? These are basic things which an employee needs to know about a potential new employer.


Send us your requirements. In other words, tell us what professionals you are looking for, what you expect from them and what conditions you offer them.


Select the right candidate. After the recruitment process, you will receive profiles of several candidates to choose from.


Settlement and next order. After the selected candidate has been hired, the contract is settled. The contract is valid, so you can send us further requests.


Why should you do it?

Time saving

We will take care of finding and checking the potential candidate. Your task will be simply to accept them at the end.

Lower recruitment costs

It is more cost-effective to outsource recruitment to us than to hire a dedicated HR department.

Best specialists

We have a large database of potential employees. Each of them is a qualified specialist in their field.

Flexible cooperation model

We do not use a single, generic model of cooperation. This allows us to jointly determine which model is best for your company.

Success guaranteed

You are only billed once the right employee has been hired, so if we do not find the perfect candidate, you pay nothing.

Searching for entire teams

We are able to recruit both single professionals as well as whole teams of employees. By entrusting us with several recruitments at once, you can save time and money.

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